SimpleTips For Going Out With A Newborn For The First Time

These are the best tips for going out with a newborn baby for the very first time. 

The best part is that you can follow the same tips even if it isn’t your first time getting out of the house with a newborn.

It is true that once you have a baby your life changes. 

You begin to see things differently, and you start doing things differently.

All this takes some adjusting and getting used to.

One of the things you will have to master is getting out of the house with your newborn baby with as little hassle as possible. 

Stepping out is no longer as quick and easy as getting ready, grabbing your handbag, and leaving. 

You now have to make sure you have everything your baby is going to use and plan your outing around them. 

It will be a little extra work at the beginning, but you will get used to it. Soon you will do it like a pro.

Read further to get tips to simplify going out with your newborn and get used to it faster.

When Can You Go Out With A New Baby

Going For A Walk With A Newborn

Most moms often want to know when to take a newborn out for the first time.

I will start by saying unless there are medical reasons stopping you, it depends on your preferences. 

Deciding when to take a newborn out for the first time is also guided by personal values.

Some moms wait until the 6 weeks mark, others go out in the first week, others can take as long as 3 months. 

It depends on what works for you and what you believe in.

One reason people usually wait is that a newborn baby is usually still fragile in the early weeks.

It might take some practice to learn how to handle a baby that small. 

During this time, it’s more convenient for a newborn baby to be at home until they are a little bit older and have gained some weight and muscle. 

This however should not stop you if you are comfortable and have no problem with going out with a newborn.

As long as you follow the tips on this post you should be okay.


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What To Do When Going Out With A Newborn Baby

The following tips will answer your burning questions like how to go out with a newborn, what to pack, taking a newborn out in public for the first time, and useful ideas for making the outing as effortless as possible. 

Prepare And Pack In Advance Everything You Are Going To Need 

Pack all the essentials you will definitely use beforehand.

This will help you avoid the inconvenience of discovering you left something your baby needs at home after you have left. 

Even if it’s just a short outing like taking your newborn for a walk, do prepare anything you will be taking with you before the time to leave.

Besides the advantage of not forgetting anything, prior preparation saves you lots of time. 

We all know how 15 minutes of grabbing any last-minute stuff can easily turn into 30 minutes.

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Don’t Take The Whole Nursery With You

Tips For Going Out With A Newborn

This is what I did as a first-time mom

While it’s good to think of unforeseen situations when packing for an outing, there is absolutely no need to pack everything your baby owns when going for an outing. 

So how do you know what to pack when going out with a newborn?

Everything your baby uses daily. 

For example, these will be:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Bum cream
  • Changing mat
  • Burp cloth
  • Baby bibs
  • Swaddle blanket or any small blanket 
  • Bottles, formula, and clean water (if you are formula feeding
  • Moisturizer or emollient cream 

For every item of clothing, pack one extra item just in case. 

Take one or two toys that your baby loves for entertainment. 

It will be nice for your baby to see something familiar.

The number of items you take will depend on how far you are going and how long you are going to be away from home.

Depending on where you are going, take a safe baby carrier or stroller, or baby sling. 

A carrier will be suitable for a doctor’s appointment or visiting friends and family, a stroller or baby sling will come in handy when taking a walk.

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Plan For A Change Of Weather

There will obviously be no 360 degrees turn from summer to winter in a single day, but it is always good to have something warm in case it gets chilly.

Similarly, a cold winter morning can switch to a warmer afternoon. 

You want to have something lighter and avoid having your baby sweating unnecessarily.

Make The Outing Short

Going out alone is totally different from going out with a baby.

If you are going out with a newborn for the first time, it’s best to make it short. 

Once you get used to it and have got the hang of your newborn’s schedule, you can start lengthening your trips.

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Know Your Baby’s Schedule And Plan Around It

If you are going to an important appointment and don’t have much control over the time, it is okay. 

If you are going out with your baby on your terms though, pick a suitable time that fits into your baby’s schedule. 

For example, going for a walk when your baby is awake and active is great. 

Go long before your baby takes a nap or after they have woken up instead of going when they are tired and niggly. 

If you will be taking a long drive to where you are going with your baby, going before naptime is not really necessary as your baby might fall asleep in the car anyway. 

PS: It is always advisable to have someone to keep an eye on a baby in the car as well as to avoid distractions.

Pick A Baby-friendly Spot

Mom and Baby At The Park

Know where you are going and what you are going to do.

Plan your outing and know what you want your baby to see there (because a newborn baby won’t do much except looking at and getting stimulated by a different environment)

Unless you are going out for baby immunizations, doctor’s appointments, or to buy essentials, you are better off picking a baby-friendly spot.

If you are just going out for fun, pick a place where you and your baby will be comfortable and have fun. 

For example, a park is a good idea whereas going to the movies is a no-no.

The idea is to go enjoy yourself, not to struggle and regret going out with your newborn in the first place.

You also want to avoid overcrowded places where there might be ill people where your newborn will be easily exposed to germs and places that can overstimulate your little one.

Here are examples of where to go and what to do with a newborn baby:

  • Park
  • Garden (watch out for poisonous flowers)
  • Mommy and Me Classes
  • Picnic
  • Going for a walk

I mostly like the idea of going for a walk as it can be short and really requires less preparation. 

Plus taking a walk with your baby has its advantages.

Benefits Of Taking Your Baby For A Walk

Even if you don’t have to go anywhere, it can be good to just take your baby out of the house and go for a walk. 

There are many benefits of taking your baby outside.

Getting fresh air, change of scenery, and seeing or meeting new people, stimulation, getting your baby tired enough to be able to sleep longer at night.

So try and take your baby out every now and then and go for a walk. 

Just make sure the timing is right for both of you.

Best Time To Take A  Newborn For A Walk

Taking A Walk With A Baby

There aren’t necessarily any rules for the best time of day to go for a walk with a baby.  

The best time to take a newborn out for a walk will be when:

  • Your baby is not tired or irritable
  • They are not hungry
  • The sun isn’t too hot
  • When it isn’t too chilly outside
  • Definitely not late in the evening when it might be unsafe

This might be in the morning or afternoon depending on your preferences and your baby’s schedule.

Even if you are going to the park or picnic or any outing for that matter, you want to use the same tips for picking the right time to go out with your baby.

It might be different in cases where you really don’t have a choice (like going to a doctor’s appointment or anywhere urgent). 

If you do have a choice, pick a convenient time when your baby will enjoy the outing.

Use Sunscreen

Chances are high that you will go out with your newborn when the sun is still shining. Protect your baby from harmful sun rays by staying in the shade and using minimal sunscreen suitable for newborns. 

Avoid going out when the sun’s rays are strongest. This will be between 10 am and 4 pm.

Regardless of whether you go out before 10 am or after 4 pm, make sure your baby’s skin is adequately covered, even if you apply sunscreen. 

Surviving The First Trip Out With A Newborn

What you need to know is that your first trip out with your newborn is not going to go smoothly. 

It is your first time away from your comfort zone with a newborn you are still learning to take care of. 

Not everything will be perfect and that is perfectly fine. 

Prepare as much as possible and follow my tips for going out with a newborn to make things much easier for yourself. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t feel bad if things don’t go as planned, it’s your new normal as a new mom. 

Laugh at yourself and tell yourself the next outing will be better because it will be.

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