Can You Reuse Bottles For Second Baby?

Are you having a second baby?

Have you found yourself going through that long list of baby must-have items and wondering “can I reuse bottles for my second baby”?

When you are doing this the second time around, you realize that most baby items you bought for your first baby were actually a waste. 

Yes, it’s true. And very common also.

It’s completely normal to want to find out if there are some baby items you can recycle to avoid unnecessarily buying everything all over again!

At the same time, you will also wonder if there are baby items you should never reuse for your second baby

You are not alone. 

There are baby items you can reuse, but certain baby items you have to buy completely new.

Where do baby bottles fall? 

Most moms worry about the safety of reusing baby bottles for their babies.

This post answers your confusion about whether you can reuse baby bottles for your second baby, why you should not reuse bottle nipples, and whether you can reuse teethers and pacifiers.

Let’s dig in!


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Is It Ok To Reuse Bottles For Second Baby? 

Generally using second-hand baby bottles is fine but you should replace the nipples as they are not safe to reuse.

You can reuse baby bottles for your second baby as long as they are still in a good condition. Damaged bottles can be unsafe for your baby.

What do I mean by being a good condition?

No Cracks

If you are going to reuse baby bottles, make sure they have no cracks. Cracked bottles are on the brink of breaking and they could even leak. 

The Bottles Should Be BPA Free

If they were manufactured after 2012, it is likely that they don’t have BPA as it has been banned in baby products. Do check the bottle packaging to be sure. 

Visible Numbers For Measuring

It goes without saying that the measurements on the bottles should still be visible. The bottle lid should still be able to close tightly. 

No Discoloration

You may find that old bottles have become discoloured. With prolonged use, plastic bottles have a tendency of developing a brown tint. 

This can turn you off since it makes them look old and dirty and unsuitable for a new baby. 

If your used baby bottles are like this, you can save yourself time and just purchase new bottles. 

However, if you cannot buy, or feel like buying is not necessary, wash the bottles thoroughly and soak them in equal parts of water and vinegar. This should help take off the stains.

Have Not Been Stored For A Long Time

Personally, I wouldn’t reuse baby bottles that have been stored for a long time for a new baby. 

I always say to reuse baby bottles from your first baby if the age gap is small, like 3 years or so. 

Used bottles that have been sitting for 3 years are not the same as those that have been sitting for 10 years. They can develop mould or the plastic may start to break down over time.

If the bottles are still fairly new and were not previously overused by your older baby, they should be fine. Do make sure you wash and sterilize them before using them. Just to be safe. 

Although it’s been said that sterilizing is not really necessary if you’ve done it before using the bottles for the very first time, I still prefer to be cautious and sterilize them. For my peace of mind.

Can You Reuse Glass Bottles?

Glass baby bottles can definitely be reused. Even more so compared to plastic bottles.

Glass bottles are considered to be safer than their plastic counterparts in that they have less risk of BPA leaching out into your baby’s milk. 

Check the bottles for cracks or chirping before use as glass is more susceptible to breaking compared to plastic.

You still have to replace the nipples even if you are reusing glass baby bottles for your baby.

Why You Can’t Reuse Bottle Nipples

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Reuse bottles for second baby

Nipples that have come into contact with saliva could be having germs and bacteria. Especially since it’s difficult to clean that tiny nipple hole. 

The material used to make nipples (usually silicone or rubber) can break down over time and pose a choking risk to your baby. You want to prevent your baby from ingesting the small particles from these materials.

Some nipples will crack when you squeeze them as a sign of having broken down.

As with baby bottles, nipples do get discoloured. This means they may be damaged. 

Nipples are easily replaceable. And they won’t break the bank either. You can easily buy them separately without bottles. 

I use and love these bottles and nipples for their cute design and easy to handle bottles. 

You can also find your favourite bottles and nipples here.

What about pacifiers? Is It Ok To Reuse Pacifiers For Your Second Baby?

If you used pacifiers for your first baby, you should definitely replace them. As with nipples, the material used can break down over time. 

Can You Reuse Teethers For Your Second Baby?     

You may think about reusing teethers if you still have them from your older baby. 

Teethers are made with ridges and bumps to soothe your baby’s gums and encourage tooth growth. 

Teething is painful! Your baby will drool a lot and they will definitely put that teether to good use!

Besides having been in contact with saliva, they could have suffered normal wear and tear from all that chewing and biting from your first baby. 

Mould can also develop if the teethers have been stored for a long time. 

You should definitely toss the old ones and buy your baby a new set of teethers. Here is a wide range of teethers you can choose from for your little one.

We got this cute teether for our new baby. It is soft and the bright colours will definitely get your baby to fall in love with it!

And here is my favourite teether from our first baby. I still love it even today. Pity I cannot reuse it. 

Buying new teethers when you have used ones might be expensive but your baby’s safety comes first.

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How To Clean And Sterilize Second Hand Baby Bottles

Once you have determined the bottles are indeed safe to use, you should clean them before your baby can use them. 

Thoroughly wash them in hot water and soap. I would purchase a new bottle brush as an old brush could have bacteria.

You can also put them in a dishwasher if the bottles are suitable for use in a dishwasher. 

As mentioned before, if the bottles are discoloured, soak them for a few minutes in equal parts of water and vinegar to get rid of that brownish shade. 

Always handle clean baby bottles with clean hands. Avoid touching the nipple with your hands.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some tips to follow when reusing baby bottles 

  • Always check if the bottles are still in a good condition.
  • Make sure they are BPA free.
  • Don’t reuse the nipples, pacifiers and teethers.
  • Wash the bottles thoroughly and sterilize them before use.
  • Avoid heating up baby bottles when they have milk inside. 
  • You should also avoid pouring hot water directly into the bottles to cool them down. Studies suggest that doing so significantly increases the chances of microplastics getting into the water (Source)
  • Frequently inspect the bottles for any wear and tear.
  • Always check if these second-hand bottles have never been recalled since you last used them.

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The decision to reuse bottles for your second baby doesn’t only depend on saving money or being practical. 

It has more to do with keeping your baby safe

Before going ahead and searching for your first baby’s used bottles, first determine if they are safe or if you should just swallow the pill and purchase new ones. 

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