10+ Super Simple Ways Dad Can Bond With Baby

Are you looking for practical ways dad can bond with baby but don’t know where to start?

Whether you are going through that frustrating time when your baby only wants mom and not dad, or you are looking for tips on developing a connection between daddy and his little one, this post will have you sorted.

Even if they didn’t start bonding while you were still pregnant, it’s never too late.

The relationship between father and child can be nurtured at any age.

Put the following ideas to the test and watch as dad and baby grow closer and closer together.


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How Can Dad Bond with Baby?

The following activities will not only get dad more involved but are guaranteed to help strengthen the bond between daddy and baby when done frequently.

The idea is for them to spend as much time together as possible.

Here are ways they can spend time together and nurture their relationship:

1. Involve Dad When Preparing For Your Baby

Get daddy involved when buying baby items, going for immunizations, and when preparing the nursery.

This involvement will get him excited and help him get to know what your baby gets up to.

Although some dads really enjoy being involved in everything your baby does, most dads take the laidback approach and leave everything to moms.

If your partner is one of those who let you take the lead, involving him more can get him to be more willing and start being a part of your baby’s daily routine.

2. Bath Time Bonding

Bath time Bonding

Most babies love a good splash in the bath. Bath time is the perfect time for parents to enjoy quality time with their babies.

However, most dads are reluctant to bathe a baby, especially if it’s a girl.

To get him comfortable, get him to spend time with you in the bathroom when you bathe your baby to just watch.

Now, gradually involve him.

One day ask him to help you hold the little one, next ask him if he can take the baby out of the bath, and another time ask if he can finish off where you left off during bathtime.

After some time, this will come naturally to him and he will start seeing this as a chance to spend time with his baby.

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3. Cuddling

I’m yet to see a baby who doesn’t love a good, warm cuddle.

Cuddling soothes and calms a restless baby, helps them feel relaxed, and can even help them feel loved.

Daddy can strengthen the connection with a baby by cuddling them every now and then.

Take advantage of skin-to-skin. Take off your top and just put your little one on the chest and have a quiet time together.

4. Going For a Walk

Get dad to wear baby and take a relaxing walk around the neighborhood.

Your little one will have a great time looking at nature while with this awesome person they call daddy.

They can explore different activities like go to the park, pass by the shops, or just look at random things like cars and people passing by.

5. Feeding Baby

Feeding doesn’t have to be restricted to moms only because they are breastfeeding.

You can express or pump some milk and allow dad to bottle-feed your little one.

The eye contact and cuddling will have them clicking and they will become best friends in no time.

6. Bedtime Routine

It’s a norm for mommy to put the baby to bed, however, this can be an ideal time to develop a connection between a father and his baby.

Put baby into bed when drowsy but not sleeping yet. Read a story, sing to them, or tell them a random story from your head.

Falling asleep listening to daddy’s voice will only help your little one fall even more in love with him.

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7. Singing To Baby

Whether you can sing or you have the worst voice on earth, listening to daddy sing is something your baby will definitely enjoy.

Play some music and sing along while looking at your little one and dancing.

Other times daddy can just sing by himself with no music, as long as he adds some dance moves and hand gestures, babywill love it.

8. Playing Together

Father and Baby Playing Together

If there is one thing babies are always up for, it’s playing.

Dad should take advantage of this and take part in playtime. Take part in a game baby is playing, or create a completely new game for the two of them to play.

This self-created game can even be part of a daddy and baby tradition that I talk about below. 

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9. Having Own Dad And Baby Tradition

Now, this doesn’t have to be something complicated. It actually comes naturally and it’s something that’s just between a father and his child.

It can be as simple as having a secret phrase or language, or having an activity dad does differently to mom.

For example, they can have a game they play while getting dressed after bath time.

Having this daddy and me “thing” has a positive impact on their bond.

10. Washing The Car

Once your little one can stand or starts walking, they can get involved while dad washes the car.

Babies love playing, and they love playing with water.

Why not combine those two favorites and become part of the fun?

Great for strengthening connections!

11. Gardening

If you’ve got a garden or even some pot flowers at home, daddy can water and take care of them while getting the little one involved.

If you are planting new flowers or vegetables, get your baby to plant some as well.

They won’t do the best job but will without a doubt, have fun doing this with dad.

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How to Help Dad Connect With Baby

One thing we need to remember as moms is that dads have their own way of doing things. And this can be completely different from ours.

Give him space and allow him the freedom to spend time with your baby freely, without you supervising.

Refrain from giving out directions, he doesn’t give you directions on what to do when you are with your little one.

Don’t supervise, and don’t criticize. Just let them be.

Sometimes dads and babies take time to get to know each other, but once they do, you can easily ask daddy to help with some activities while you rest.

During their bonding time, you can also have some mommy time. Yay!

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